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Two Modular Operation Theatre

We have state of art Two Modular Operation Theaters with laminar flow, Anaesthesia work station, Advanced HD Laparoscopic instrument and equipped with advanced vessel sealer, ET Co2 monitors, Hysteroscopy and all latest gadgets to handle all types of cases.

Our OT is also equipped with central oxygen, suction, central nitrus oxide and pneumatic compressor which helps to do all types of specialty and super specialty surgical cases. Well supported post operative ward with trained staff helps the patient's speedy recovery, high end laminar flow helps to reduce the infection rate in surgical patients particularly for joint replacement surgeries.


Hospital is having 6 bedded intensive care unit and well trained staff nurses. ICU also equipped with 2 ventilators/ defibrillators and infusion pumps advanced, Monitors which helps to handle all types of medical, surgical emergency cases.

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Endoscopy Facility

  • Diagnostic UGI Scopy
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Oesophageal Varices Management
  • PEG Tube Insertion
  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopic Biopsy
  • Oesophageal Dilatation / Stenting

Ultra Sound/Doppler Scan Facility

Hospital is having the highly sensitive USG machine with Doppler facility which helps in various diagnoses and for some therapeutic procedures. Hospital is having full time radiologist who is serving for both elective and emergency cases.

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Digital X-Ray Facility

We have full-fledged digital X-ray unit which handles all types of radiology images.

Colposcopy Facility

For accurate / early diagnosis & screening for all types of Female cervical pathology. Cervical cancer is one of the very common cancer in our Indian women. Colposcopy is a very useful tool for early detection of cancer cervix and other abnormal conditions like infections and also useful for selective biopsy pickup in doubtful areas.

best hospital in coimbatore
best hospital in coimbatore

Hysteroscopy Facility

Used for diagnostic & therapeutic procedures for female reproductive system in the field of infertility. Very useful tool for assessing tubal patency and status of the uterine cavity in infertility cases - For correction of congenital and acquired conditions like septate uterus, cervical and uterine polyp removal, submucosal fibroid removal.

HD Laproscopy Facility

HD Lap equipment ensuring the precise dissection during the difficult surgeries. Advanced energy sources like vessel sealers are used for bloodless surgery.

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Physiotherapy Department

We are having full fledged physiotherapist fo rearly recovery to all our In-patients and post operative patients and also offering OPD services to various orthopedic,neurological problems and giving various pain relief management also by physiotherapy modality.

Medical and Cashless Treatment Facilities

Hospital is having tie up with all the leading medical insurance companies for cashless treatment facility.

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